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The rubber gloves marketplace is a dynamic and open environment with diverse products, manufacturers and traders. Finding and selecting the right product and supplier is crucial. At AVS WORLDWIDE RESOURCES, we use our trusted network in all glove producing countries to select suppliers that could meet our customers’ needs in product requirement as well as delivery, quality and pricing!




Our work in supplying gloves under your private brand begins when the artwork is provided to us. We have the ability to source virtually any material and any packaging necessary for private label needs as well as provide suggestions for saving in packaging material costs!

AVS WORLDWIDE RESOURCES evaluates and audit our network of suppliers on yearly basis to ensure product consistency and high quality products meeting International Quality Standards ASTM D3578, FDA and EN 455 are ship to our customers!Pre-shipment inspection will be done by our QA officers to ensure quality satisfaction on product and packaging.
We work very closely with various freight forwarders to receive the best freight rate and earliest possible shipment dates. Our customers can save on time and shipping costs with the flexibility in shipping liner selection, rate choice and handling options!